It’s my personal blog

This is my personal blog. I write it in my personal time. It runs on my personal infrastructure and not on Oracle infrastructure. It was this way since the beginning of this blog, so it didn’t run on Sun infrastructure as well. I write everything here out of personal interest. Nothing in here is the opinion of my employer.

It works for me

When i talk about ideas or solutions in this blogs consider it as an report about my own experiences. You are responsible to check everything i write by sufficient testing that it will fit into your situation as well before putting anything of it into production.

The dirty secret

Just because i got this question in the past. Despite being an blog mostly about Solaris, it is not running on SPARC or Solaris. At the moment it’s on two rented VMs in a cloud running Debian Linux. The reason for is simple: As it’s a personal spare time project it was easiest just to drop a plain vanilla Debian on a server back in 2004 and i kept it that way. Of course it’s not the same Debian of 2004, currently it’s Debian 10.